The Need to Adopt Modern Teaching Methods

The role of a teacher has always been of great importance. It is believed that a teacher grooms and molds the child into a diamond, pushing them forward along with their strengths and abilities. Considering the uncertainty, academics has become a great concern for parents and students. Various teaching styles can make the virtual classes more effective and engaging. With the growing technological development, it is pertinent for a teacher to adopt new methodologies. In the current situation, the distance between teacher and student has been limited to online. Adopting modern methods of teaching encourages students to connect with the existing circumstances and use them in their future, for instance, if the faculty are sharing videos related to a particular topic, students understand the concept and try searching for similar videos for different topics in the used platform, this will improve the technical ability of a student. The modern teaching method helps students to develop intellectually by using various new methods rather than making them learn the syllabus only from the examination point of view. The learning given to children must be useful to them in real-life situations. In an idyllic classroom of the traditional approach, a teacher is seen as someone whose work is to train students rather than giving them learning which entails a better future. It is high time that we adapt to the changes along with following the traditional approach.

Reasons to introduce modern teaching methods:

In recent times, the development in the field of commerce has dramatically increased and human ability to adopt new practical knowledge has also increased. There is an immense need for innovative and creative minds to explore the unrevealed areas in different fields to acclimatize with the modern and knowledge-driven era. Teachers still prefer a traditional chalk-talk method of teaching which will provide only basic knowledge of the subjects. If educators start using the latest methods and present lessons in a practical way the reach of it to the students will be high.

Developing a teacher-student relationship:

During the offline classes, teacher and student have a direct connection and hence the instructor could gain the attention of the students even if he is diverted. Due to the list of distractions available online it becomes difficult for a teacher to gain the attention of the pupil, there are quick and easy chancesΒ for the student to get diverted. The focus of young minds depends on the connection and interaction with their instructor. It is an arduous task to get the attention of the fresh teens. Here are a few ideas to implement, for the learner to stay with the flow of the session.Developing a teacher-student relationship

  • Lectures with conversations between mentor and mentee. Where they discuss the key points of different lessons. The discussions open up the views of the mentee and encourage him to self-express his thoughts.
  • Real-world examples that keep the trainee encouraged. While the lessons take progress there is a chance for the learner to lose interest in the lesson, in this case giving real-world examples will always help the student to gain interest. For example, if the topic for a class in entrepreneurship, stories of successful entrepreneurs such as Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani can be shared for the students to be motivated.
  • Role plays/skits with conceptual-based stories. It is always interesting to see what you heard and this process will make the student remember the concept better.
  • Group discussions among the children to develop a bond between them. It is equally important to develop a bond amongst the students; this can be done by dividing them into groups and assigning work to them. It develops teamwork and encourages creativity in them.
  • Spaced learning: It is a method where a teacher repeats a lesson numerous times (till the learner understands the topic) giving small breaks in between which are absorbed with fun-filled activities and motivates them for the next class of the same lesson. In the process, the instructor and learner develop a connection that stimulates the student to attend further sessions.
  • Self-learning: The curiosity of learning new things nudges a student to learn more, always. It impels the scholars to explore the subjects with increased interest. The usage of the internet to find results makes them independent and gives them a deep understanding of learning. A mentor should allow the mentee to bring new ideas and work on them for the development of their brain and ability to work alone.

Following these methods will develop anΒ understanding and a friendly relationship between teacher and student, which will help the students to concentrate.


best junior colleges in HyderabadThe instructors need to embrace modern teaching methods which help the students to develop involvement in the lessons. This doesn’t mean that the conventional methods of teaching are outdated; both traditional and modern methods are equally important for educators to create conceptual understanding among the students. While the contemporary methods help students to develop a practical approach towards life, the time-honored methods develop a conceptual-based understanding and implementation. Both the methods hold their place and importance in the teaching system. Amidst the pandemic adopting modern methods will be of great significance and further develop an enthusiasm in the students to attend the classes regularly.


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