Our Promise and Purpose

Our Promise at Kompass is to stay committed and provide the highest quality of diverse education to our students.

Our Purpose is to help and prepare students for higher level of academics and promote higher order thinking.

The academics delivered at Kompass on a day-to-day basis gives a student a clear path and helps them face challenges and overcome them.

Two years of a junior college education is extremely important in shaping one’s career and help them make the right decisions. Parents and students need to understand that Commerce is an equally good program like the Sciences and know the wonderful opportunities it offers. Kompass understands this and therefore follows an academic discipline to attend classes regularly on time, active participation in the class thereby ensuring the opportunity and responsiveness that is required to learn. It is an Educational Institute and way more than Junior College which brings a fresh change that makes our youth more employable and skill-oriented in our uniquely designed classrooms and teaching atmosphere

Here at Kompass, a lot of thought goes into every small detail to cater to the best interests of our students. We strive to provide and maintain an environment conducive to learning. We encourage students to actively participate in the class, address their needs, employ class building activities and provide an opportunity for the students and teachers to get to know each other. As an example, for monotonous topics and complex concepts in Economics and Commerce, we relate them to the real world happenings like the pandemic affecting the economy and the stock market so that they apply what they learn in a classroom.

Discussion between student and faculty at Kompass Junior College