Coaching @ Kompass

Coaching at Kompass based on IMMERSIVE LEARNING

The focus and dedication required for competitive exams like Law, BBA, etc. take a comprehensive approach based on the 4 pillars of Immersive Learning at Kompass. Conventionally, students sign up for multiple coaching programs for different exams that they wish to write. Kompass Junior College identifies and prepares the students for all suitable exams so that they succeed without breaking into a sweat.

CLAT + BBA Coaching Classes


Highly Engaging, input-driven, problem-posing education structure making strong responsible connections.


Instructive and constructive Learning atmosphere situated upon immediate feedback model of learning and development


Real World Connect and higher fidelity to the Global Professional Practices.


Highly Interactive and Learner Directed.

Kompass Law Coaching

Law is a career stream that candidates pursue at undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG) or doctorate (PhD) level to practice the legal profession in India. Law as a career is very popular among students in India. The popularity of this stream can be judged from the fact that famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela as well as the former US President Barack Obama were lawyers.